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updated 09/14/2015

  • Taking the Next Step — Teaching Strategies to Support Student Transitions
    This webinar will help your ESL and ABE students get ready for the next step toward their goals. In this webinar, participants will explore methods like note–taking and self–efficacy skills that help students be successful in postsecondary courses and/or higher level job training.
    date added 09/14/2015

  • Instructors Forum Webinar – ESL & Numeracy: What's the Connection?
    How can we support English Language Learners (ELLs) as they learn numeracy? Does that happen in "math" class or in "English" class? ABE/ASE/HSE math teachers (who often teach math conceptually) and ESL teachers (who often teach math contextually, within life-skills topics) have much to learn from each other. In this discussion around numeracy and language teaching, we will share a model that draws on the strengths of teachers with varied areas of expertise to better serve our multilingual learners.
    date added 09/09/2015

  • Register for "Teaching Critical Thinking" Online Workshops
    Critical thinking is a basic skill that underlies every subject area. Success in college, career and job training all require critical thinking. Join your colleagues starting September 22 to learn how to help your students become better critical thinkers, problem solvers and decision makers.
    date added 08/27/2015