This page provides links to videos relevant to adult educators in California. The goal of this video library is to increase individual adult educators' access to professional development on emerging priority topics.

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California College Transition Summit

This page features a series of eight presentations from the California College Transition Summit Meeting, held in Sacramento, California, on October 29, 2009. Presentations made by national and state adult education leaders (including U.S. Assistant Secretary of Education Dr. Brenda Dann–Messier) addressed the compelling economic and social need to strengthen college transition services to adult basic education students and provided examples in practice of the approaches to developing those services. Details

WASC Guidelines and Quality Indicators

In collaboration with the California Department of Education, CALPRO presented two Webinars related to the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) accreditation process for adult education agencies: in the first Webinar, a WASC representative provided an update on current policy and guidelines, while in the second Webinar, a practitioner offered recommendations for ensuring an agency’s success in the WASC accreditation process.

Webinar Series

Adult Education Administrators Forum

The Adult Education Administrators Forum provides a venue for adult education administrators to critically engage with their peers on topics that affect the development, management and sustainability of their adult education programs.

Adult Education Research Webinars

As part of its Research-Based Practices Initiative, CALPRO launched the Adult Education Research Webinar Series in Fall 2010. The goal of this video library is to increase individual adult educators’ access to professional development on emerging priority topics.

CALPRO Electronic Community of Practice (e-CoP) Webinars

In January, 2012, the CALPRO electronic Community of Practice (e-CoP) began to sponsor interactive professional learning events that supported peer–to–peer learning among practitioners. Below is an archive of the e-CoP Webinars. Several of these relate to the larger topics explored through resources housed in CALPRO's Virtual Workrooms for Adult Educators.

Instructors Forum

CALPRO launched the Instructors Forum in Fall 2010 as a new initiative for teachers. The purpose is to convene practitioners from across California in an online environment and highlight exemplary instructional practices.

Best Practices in Action

Increasing Rigor in English Language Instruction

This page features many multimedia and other resources that support the instructional goals of helping our learners achieve college, career and civic readiness. The page is divided into five sections, the first of which provides the rationale for increasing rigor, while the other four correlate to essential elements in rigorous English language instruction: working with reading strategies, integrating academic language, prompting critical thinking, and providing direct instruction in notetaking strategies.

Standards in Adult Education

This page features webinars and video tutorials specific to the use of standards in adult education. The standards included in this section are the College and Career Readiness Standards for Adult Education (CCRS) and the English Language Proficiency Standards for Adult Education (ELPS).

Career Pathways in Adult Learning

This page features a collection of videos and multimedia resources about career pathways for adult learners. It includes presentations on how to contextualize career learning and videos of related classroom demonstrations. Additionally, the page features links to supplemental instructional materials and to an extensive collection of video clips about careers, industries, skills and abilities, or work options and education levels.

Integrated Education and Training (IET)

This page features a series of 9 interviews with practitioners of Integrated Education and Training programs in California. The interviews feature a variety of administrators, instructors, program coordinators and other personnel, who address frequently asked questions about models used to implement their IET program. This page also provides links to additional IET-related professional development video resources.

Mentoring for Adult Education Instruction

This page features a collection of brief, interactive multimedia presentations by Dr. Maricel Santos and supplementary resources on mentoring for adult education instruction. Sustained teacher mentoring helps organizations reduce teacher turnover by supporting new teachers with feedback and guidance, and normalizing an ongoing conversation about teaching for instructors at all levels.

Teaching ESL to Adults: Classroom Approaches in Action

This page features a link to the New American Horizons Foundation Web site, which produced a three–volume video series for adult ESL instructors, titled Classroom Approaches in Action. Each of the eight teacher–training videos in the series runs approximately 30 minutes, demonstrates effective teaching practices with classroom learners, and features interviews with instructors. Details

Evidence–Based Reading Instruction For ABE Learners

This page features a series of seven videos of evidence–based reading instruction (EBRI) for intermediate adult basic education learners. The videos include interviews with students, teachers, and administrators who speak about the benefits of EBRI and demonstrate the steps of direct, explicit instruction in ABE classes.

Math Videos on Depth of Knowledge 3 Problems

Watch eight videos of a math instructor teaching math problems requiring Webb’s Depth of Knowledge 3, as well as the instructor’s reflections on the GED 2014 and the support that teachers need, and student comments about learning math and their future goals. These videos are reached from the Virtual Workroom page and require a login.