The California Department of Education (CDE), Adult Education Office, awarded a multi-year contract to the American Institutes for Research (AIR) to provide quality professional development and learning experiences to personnel working in California's adult education and literacy delivery system.
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CALPRO Project Staff

Larry Condelli
Senior Advisor

Mariann Fedele-McLeod
Project Director

Sudie Whalen
Deputy Project Director

Cherise Moore
Principal Researcher

Marian Thacher
Senior Researcher

Marcela Movit
Senior Researcher

Amy Dalsimer
Senior Researcher

Anna Schiff
Research Analyst

Ellen Oka
Senior Administrative Specialist

Vicki Swindell
Technical Support Associate

California Department of Education

Chiem-Seng Yaangh


The mission of CALPRO is to foster continuous program improvement through a comprehensive, statewide approach to high-quality professional development for the full range of adult education and literacy providers working in agencies funded by the California Department of Education.


The ultimate goal of CALPRO in providing professional development opportunities for adult educators is to enhance student learning gains and to help adult learners meet their goals as productive workers, family and community members, and lifelong learners.

CALPRO Overarching Objectives

To accomplish the above goal, CALPRO has set the following overarching objectives:

  • To plan and provide high quality professional development in collaboration with CDE, other State Leadership Projects, and local service providers;
  • To encourage and support the development of Communities of Practice and Professional Learning Communities; and
  • To improve the quality of instruction delivered to adult learners and, ultimately, to enhance learner outcomes.

CALPRO Contract Objectives for 2020-2022:

The CDE has contracted with AIR/CALPRO for 2020-2022 to perform the following tasks:

  • Work collaboratively with the State Leadership Projects, as well as local, state, and national agencies and organizations to provide professional development in CDE’s current and emerging adult education priorities.
  • Lead research-based practices, including identifying and disseminating reports, fact sheets, and current information about adult education professional development activities and resources, both statewide and nationally.
  • Support the professional development of adult educators at all working levels; support the development and implementation of exemplary administrative and instructional strategies.
  • Design and deliver professional development institutes, multi-session workshops, and expand access through alternative delivery methods, such as facilitated online courses, Webinars, and synchronous interactive trainings, and additional resources accessed individually.
  • Emphasize participants’ application and refinement of new skills and knowledge by offering training within a Communities of Practice framework, supported by technology, with a focus on student goal attainment.