About the the American Institutes for Research

CALPRO Project Staff

Mariann Fedele-McLeod,
Senior Advisor

Catherine Green,
Project Director

Cherise Moore,
Senior Researcher

Marian Thacher,
Senior Researcher

Marcela Movit,
Research Analyst

Mary Louise Baez,
Technical Support Associate

Sudie Whalen,
Research Analyst

Ellen Oka,
Senior Administrative Specialist

Vicki Swindell,
Technical Support Associate

California Department of Education

Chiem-Seng Yaangh

The American Institutes for Research is a social science and research organization with offices in Sacramento and San Mateo, CA; Washington, DC; Maryland; Virginia; and Massachusetts. AIR has extensive experience in the field of adult education, with specific expertise in the area of professional development.

Work in adult education includes an evaluation of ESL programs, the development of a National Reporting System and training and technical assistance on implementing the system, assessment of workplace education programs, and a national assessment of adult literacy. In addition, through contracts with the U.S. Department of Education, Division of Adult Education and Literacy, AIR is providing assistance to states in developing comprehensive professional development systems and fostering partnerships among adult educators to enhance the quality of professional development provided to adult educators. AIR has developed numerous publications — "train-the-trainer" modules, resource and mentoring guides, a framework for evaluating professional development services, and instructor and management competencies for adult educators; organized and conducted national, regional and state professional development conferences; and provided technical assistance to individual states on specific issues.