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Located on the CALPRO Web site, the Virtual Workrooms provide adult educators with instant access to research-based professional development resources on a particular topic.

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Virtual Workroom For Multilevel ESL Instructors

The Virtual Workroom for Multilevel ESL Instructors offers a wide variety of professional resources organized around five central challenges in multilevel instruction: needs assessment, lesson planning, group work, materials, and evaluation.

Intended Audience
  • ESL teachers working with a broad spectrum of levels, i.e., a class where learners may range from pre-literate to low–advanced.
  • ESL teachers working with narrow spectrum of levels (e.g., Intermediate ESL).
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Teachers often see variation in skill-level across an entire class or within an individual student (e.g., a fairly fluent speaker may be a struggling reader or writer). To see what participants are saying about this Virtual Workroom, click Participant Feedback.

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