CALPRO provides a management competencies self-assessment, based on a nationally validated instrument developed in 2001 described at and updated in 2008.

Administrators may log in and rate themselves in up to seven different domains, determining areas of greatest relevance to their program and ability, and identify whether or not this is a goal for the year.


The seven different domains span 21 competencies and include:

  1. Leadership Skills
  2. Instructional Leadership
  3. Resource Management and Allocation
  4. Staff Supervision
  5. Program Monitoring and Reporting
  6. Professional Development Practices
  7. Community Collaboration

In 2017-18, CALPRO engaged California Adult Education Administrators to examine the current relevance of the management competencies. While the existing MCSA competencies were endorsed as relevant, ideas and additions were suggested for additional competencies. Several meetings of the CALPRO Professional Advisory Board (PAB) and AIR Researchers were convened to discuss the suggested additional competencies. An ad-hoc committee from the CALPRO PAB was established to further define the suggestions and to identify resources to support the suggestions. Following a thorough review of extant research, 15 new field-recommended competencies and one additional field-recommended Domain, Equity, was identified. We are pleased to share the resulting Addendum to Management Competencies Self-Assessment (PDF), along with supplemental resources to increase knowledge and skills in each corresponding area, available through CALPRO and other sources.

View Results

The new interface enables an administrator to view his/her own results and identify the top three professional development competencies.

Individual Professional Development Plan

For each of these top–ranking competencies, the administrator may view recommendations for
research–based professional development resources that form the basis of an annual, individual professional development plan.

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Click Log-In to Self-Assessment to start the assessment and view your results.