CALPRO - ESL New Teacher Resource Guide - Assessment and Accountability

Assessment and Accountability

  1. What are TOPSpro forms and am I required to complete them?
    The California Adult Student Assessment System (CASAS) is responsible for collecting certain demographic information for the California Department of Education (CDE) via a data-collection system known as TOPSpro. Every adult education student in every program must complete a TOPSpro form upon entering and exiting a class. This process must continue for the entire year. You will need to find out your agency's procedures for obtaining, completing, and returning these forms. More information about this data collection system is available on the CASAS Web site at

  2. How do I track students' goals and outcomes?
    The TOPSpro form also is used to record each student's goals on entering a class (via the TOPSpro Entry Record), as well as their educational outcomes (via the TOPSpro Update Record). Your supervisor will tell you how to complete these forms and will provide information about other required follow-up procedures.

  3. What other measures can I use to assess my students?
    Assessment is an ongoing process in adult education, and multiple assessment measures should be used. Assessment may be formal (e.g., a written test), or informal (e.g., teacher observation of student performance through a checklist of competencies mastered). The assessment should reflect your instructional objectives. Your agency may provide exit tests for each level, or it may use commercially available tests, or you may be required to create your own. CASAS also provides exit tests for various instructional levels. Visit the CASAS Web site,, and click on CASAS Catalog to obtain information about these tests.

  4. What is CASAS testing and what are my responsibilities?
    CASAS provides CDE with an electronic system for collecting data on student learning gains via a series of pre- and post-tests. Certain funding streams require that these tests be administered regularly to document student progress. Ask your supervisor if your class needs to be "CASAS-tested" and what the agency's testing procedures are. The TOPSpro system allows you to generate reports from the results of your class's tests to assist you in identifying areas in which your class has strengths or weaknesses. The TOPSpro Reports Manual available through CASAS details each of the reports.

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