Effective Teaching for Adult Educators, Session 1


Goals for This Module

The goals of this module are to (1) build the capacity of teachers to identify the skills and knowledge required for excellent teaching, as presented in the Adult Education Teacher Competencies (the competencies) ; (2) evaluate in which areas participants are strong and in which areas professional development could support improvement; and (3) plan for increasing effectiveness of instruction.

Goals of Session 1

The goals of this session are to (1) provide an overview of the competencies and (2) familiarize participants with competencies and performance indicators associated with developing and delivering effective instruction in Domain 2 (plans and delivers high-quality, evidence-based instruction).

Objectives for Session 1

By the end of Session 1, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the background and rationale for Adult Education Teacher Competencies;
  • Describe the structure, purpose, and use of the competencies;
  • Recognize performance indicators in practice; and
  • Create a sample illustration related to a specific program area.