Using Questioning Strategies to Improve Instruction, Session One: Questioning Strategies that Improve Cognition

Are you frustrated at not getting the right answers from your students? Maybe itís because you are not asking the right questions! This workshop offers questioning strategies that foster higher-order thinking skills while developing responses beyond the level of recall. Help students connect the dots as they process new information to answer questions designed with a purpose. Move your students from perceptions and inferences to making generalizations and judgments as comprehension levels increase. This workshop is a pre-requisite to Session Two.



The goal of this workshop is to encourage instructors to ask questions that promote learners’ thinking beyond the level of recall of information and that allow learners to adequately process information and respond to the instructors’ requests.


By the end of Session One, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify the contents of Bloomís Taxonomy of the Cognitive Domain;
  2. Explain and use the Taba Questioning Strategy;
  3. Ask sequential questions that will elicit higher-order thinking skills;
  4. Explain Schieverís 10 principles of questioning; and
  5. Identify the research-basis for the questioning strategies used.