CALPRO Resources for Teachers

CALPRO offers several professional development resources for adult education teachers.

Online Courses

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For more information about CALPRO online courses, go to Facilitated Courses and Self-Directed Courses pages. To register, go to the Online Course Schedule.

CALPRO provides facilitated and self-directed online courses free of charge to instructors working in programs funded by the California Department of Education, Adult Education Office. Online course participants have the option to log in to an online course at any time to complete coursework.

Facilitated Courses

Online CoursesIn these facilitated courses, participants interact with a subject-area expert and a group of colleagues typically over a span of about four weeks, following the course start date. Discussions occur asynchronously: within a given week, participants may log in at their convenience to read and post written comments on a shared discussion board and to complete course activities and assignments.

The objectives of online courses mirror those of the face-to-face workshops of the same name.

Facilitated Online Courses for Teachers

Teachers may enroll in any of the following facilitated online courses:

  1. Accelerated Learning to Facilitate Career Pathways
  2. College and Career Standards 2: English Language Arts Implementation and Application
  3. Designing Programs For Adults With Learning Disabilities, Session 2: Effective Instructional Strategies
  4. Effective Lesson Planning
  5. Effective Teaching for Adult Educators
  6. Enhancing Learner Persistence
  7. Evidence-based Writing Instruction in the ABE Classroom
  8. Evidence-based Writing Instruction in the ESL Classroom
  9. Integrated Education and Training
  10. Integrated and Contextualized Workforce Skills in the ABE/ASE Classroom
  11. Integrated and Contextualized Workforce Skills in the ESL Classroom
  12. Managing the ESL Multilevel Class
  13. Motivation and Persistence for Adult Learners
  14. Optimizing ESL Instructional Planning: Management, Monitoring, and Reflection
  15. Understanding the Adult Learner, Session 1: Adult Learning and Development
  16. Using Questioning Strategies to Improve Instruction, Session 1: Questioning Strategies that Improve Cognition

Self-directed Courses

Self-directed online courses are entirely self-paced and foster independent learning. No course facilitator leads the course and individuals work on their own, without other participants. Self-directed courses offer great flexibility in professional development: participants may decide when to work on the course and how much of the course they wish to do; registration and the courses themselves are open continuously.

Self-directed Courses for Teachers

Self-directed courses available for teachers include:

  1. Adult Learning and Development
  2. Advising the Adult Learner: The Teacher's Role
  3. Designing Programs for Adults with Learning Disabilities, Session 1: Understanding Learning Disabilities: Awareness for Adult Educators
  4. Effective Strategies for Writing Instruction
  5. Introduction to College and Career Readiness Standards
  6. Learner Goal Setting in Adult Education Programs
  7. Learner Persistence
  8. Math Instructional Strategies
  9. Middle-Skills Job Preparation for Adult Education
  10. Orientation for New ABE Teachers
  11. Orientation for New ESL Teachers
  12. Teaching Critical Thinking Skills

Facilitated Online Training in Real-Time

CALPRO offers two types of online training in real time, interactive Online Workshops and Webinars.

Online Workshops

Highly interactive, these online workshops in real time share the same objectives and research basis as their corresponding CALPRO face–to–face workshops. For a list of workshop topics and additional information, visit the Online Workshops page.


Among the four series of Webinars, instructors may be especially interested in the Instructors Forum and the Adult Education Research Webinars series. Past Webinars are archived in the Video Library. Additionally, CALPRO’s electronic Community of Practice (e-CoP) sponsors Webinars and maintains an archive of its own Webinars at To register for all upcoming Webinars, visit the CALPRO Event Calendar.

Instructor Competencies Self–Assessment

CALPRO has updated its instructor competencies self–assessment, based on a nationally validated instrument. Using this tool, teachers rate themselves in up to 17 different competencies spanning four different categories, determining areas of greatest relevance to their teaching, priority, and individual ability.

Instructors may view their own results and identify their top five professional development competencies. The self-assessment tool then provides specific recommendations for research-based professional development resources that form the basis of a teacher’s annual, individual professional development plan.

For more information, visit

Go to the Instructor Competencies Web page.

Video Library

This resource provides links to videos relevant to adult educators in California, including major CALPRO trainings from the recent past as well as CALPRO Webinars. The goal of this video library is to increase individual adult educators’ access to professional development on emerging priority topics. To access this resource, visit the Video Library page.

Virtual Workrooms

CALPRO’s Web site features three Virtual Workrooms with professional learning resources on the following high-priority topics:

Electronic Community of Practice

Accompanying the Virtual Workrooms is CALPRO’s electronic Community of Practice (e-CoP), located at Inside the e-CoP, members can exchange ideas, share resources, access an archive of e-CoP Webinars, and collaborate with other adult education instructors from across California to help increase their students’ learning.

Resource Guides

CALPRO offers the following online Resource Guides designed for teachers.

  • ABE New Teacher Resource Guide
  • ESL New Teacher Resource Guide
  • Health Literacy Reference Guide

To access these guides, please visit the Resource Guide Web page.

Research Archive

PublicationsCALPRO has published research digests, summaries, and annotated bibliographies on various topics of interest to teachers.

Teachers can download these documents from the CALPRO Publications Web page.

Teaching Tools and Resources

OTAN Web siteThe Outreach and Technical Assistance Network (OTAN) provides listings of online lesson plans, class activities, and other Web-based tools at under Teaching Tools and Resources.

California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC)

CTC Web siteThe California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) Web site at provides information on the licensing and credentialing of professional educators in the state of California.

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