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The survey contains a total of 17 questions organized into four different skill areas. You may choose to complete one or more of the four sections, or you may take the entire survey. The entire survey may take up to 45 minutes to complete, depending on how long you reflect on each question; however it can take less time and you have the option to save your work as you go and return to finish it at another time.

Each question relates to one competency. Each competency is further explained by several performance indicators and sample illustrations; viewing these can help you better understand what each competency encompasses. In responding to a question, rate the competency’s relevance to your teaching, your current ability in the competency, and the competency’s priority level for you.

In answering the questions, be honest but kind to yourself. As you fill in the survey, keep your current learners or a recent class of students in mind. All professional development is centered around how we, as instructors, can help our adult learners best achieve learning gains and improve their outcomes. The survey is intended to help you determine your current skill levels.

You will have an opportunity to view your results. For the top five-ranking competencies, you have the option to create your own Professional Development Plan, which provides specific, research-based professional development resources. These resources allow you to develop your skills further over the course of a year with the end-goal of helping your learners achieve the greatest learning gains possible.

Note: this self-assessment uses pop-ups to provide additional information. Before beginning the assessment, please be sure to disable the pop-up blocker on your browser. (For help in disabling your pop-up blocker, contact CALPRO).

Why are we asking for your agency's name?

CALPRO will prepare agency reports for program administrators to assist them with planning professional development (PD) for their staff and identifying agency PD goals. These reports will use de-identified information collected from participants. By agreeing to the Terms of Use below, you are agreeing to permit your responses to the self-assessment to be included in an aggregated report for your agency.

Please note: You may OPT OUT at any time.


If you do not work with one of the agencies on the above drop-down menu, please select “OTHER ORGANIZATION NOT LISTED BELOW” at the top of the dropdown menu. This will help CALPRO improve the accuracy of the agency reports.

Terms of Use:

  • The data CALPRO collects from these self-assessments will be de-identified and used for aggregate reporting for agencies. We will only prepare reports when there are at least 10 instructors to protect confidentiality.
  • This report is intended to help agency program administrators gather data in the areas their faculty have identified as the highest-ranking needs for their own professional development.
  • You may OPT OUT at any time by clicking on the Opt Out link. Opting out will allow you to continue with the self-assessment but will not associate your data with any agency.
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