CCRS 2: ELA Implementation and Application



Participants will begin to apply their knowledge of the CCRS ELA by building an understanding of what individual standards are requiring students to know, understand, and do. This process, called “unpacking the standards,” will support participants’ ability to revise their previously developed classroom lesson plans, including modifying or creating meaningful standards-aligned activities, assignments, and assessments that meet the expectations of the CCRS. Using Norman Webb’s Depth of Knowledge, participants will work on enhancing assignments and assessments to meet the requirements of the CCRS.


By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to

  • Demonstrate understanding of the CCRS’s purpose, key elements, and place in adult education, especially as they relate to the participants’ program and classroom instruction.
  • Understand the format, purpose, and key terms related to the ELA CCRS and where to find them in the standards document.