Postsecondary Transitions, Session 2.

In Postsecondary Transitions, Community of Practice members work in agency teams to develop an integrated, comprehensive plan for implementing a coherent, effective postsecondary transition program. In this session, participants assess their agency’s degree of readiness to implement a postsecondary transition program and identify strategic leverage points for implementing their own agency’s action plan. (For more information about the Community of Practice delivery format, please see the Community of Practice Web page.)



The goal of Session 2 is to reinforce essential terms, best practices, and resources, identify potential leverage points for agency action plans, and outline key components and next steps to create agency action plans.


By the end of Session 2, participants will be able to:

  • Assess the degree of readiness of his/her agency to implement a postsecondary transition program;
  • Identify strategic leverage points for implementation of their agency’s action plan; and
  • Develop his/her own agency’s integrated, comprehensive action plan for implementation.