Integrated and Contextualized Workforce Skills in the ESL Classroom, Session 2. Contextualized Instructional Strategies

How can you integrate and contextualize your instruction? Find out what contextualized instruction is and how it benefits your learners to succeed in the workforce. This session offers examples of contextualizing ESL instruction easily by using workplace activities and forms.



The goal of Session 2 is to provide hands-on application of transferable skills that can be taught in the classroom and transferred to the workplace.


By the end of Session 2, participants will be able to:

  • Identify integrated instruction in the context of the workplace and the benefits of implementation;
  • Describe instructional strategies for teaching self-evaluation in the context of the classroom and at work;
  • Describe instructional strategies for teaching problem-solving in the context of job scenarios; and
  • Select materials to integrate transferable skills using authentic documents and textbooks.