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CALPRO Contacts

American Institutes for Research
2151 River Plaza Drive, Suite 320
Sacramento, CA 95833

TelephoneTelephone: 916-286-8816 / Toll-Free CA: 800-427-1422
FaxFax: (855) 459-6213 (Attn: CALPRO)

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Mariann Fedele-McLeod
Senior Advisor
Telephone: 916-286-8824

Catherine Green
Project Director
Telephone: 916-286-8827

Cherise Moore
Senior Researcher
Telephone: 916-286-8837

Marian Thacher
Senior Researcher
Telephone: 916-286-8810

Marcela Movit
Research Analyst
Telephone: 202-403-5130

Mary Louise Baez
Research Analyst
Telephone: 916-286-8804

Sudie Whalen
Research Analyst
Telephone: 916-286-8814

Ellen Oka
Senior Administrative Specialist
Telephone: 916-286-8817

Vicki Swindell
Technical Support Associate
Telephone: 916-286-8803

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