Multilevel Class Management Models

Model 2. Flexible Groupings

This strategy allows the instructor to vary groups and activities to suit different lesson objectives.

Model 2

Teacher-led whole-class activities are appropriate when:

  • Presenting new materials,
  • Reviewing previously taught materials, and
  • Administering tests.

Small groups are good for:

  • Brainstorming (before a reading or writing assignment),
  • Problem solving, and
  • Project work.

Pairs may work together to:

  • Do research,
  • Conduct interviews, and
  • Quiz each other.

The divided class works best for:

  • Debates,
  • Competitions, and
  • Presentations.



Using Flexible Grouping

  • Challenges students, and
  • Appeals to a variety of teaching and learning approaches.

Flexible Grouping can pose problems because:

  • Instructional materials must suit different skill levels,
  • The teacher does a lot of planning,
  • The class may not develop a sense of unity,
  • Systematic presentation of content may be difficult, and
  • Some learners may prefer a more traditional approach.

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