Multilevel Class Management Models

Model 4. Learning Tables

Learning Tables differ from Learning Stations in that they are permanent groupings. The instructor acts as lead teacher, coordinating two or more groups of learners that meet each class period with a teaching aide or volunteer who serves as group leader. The group leader may conduct group activities but primarily teaches and assists students individually, thus combining group and individualized instruction. The instructor, or lead teacher, floats from group to group, monitoring the process, assisting the group leaders, handling intake of new learners (in an open-entry program), conducting learner interviews, and administering tests.

Model 4



Learning Tables:

  • Allow individualized instruction in a large multi-level class;
  • Provide some group interaction; and
  • Free the instructor, allowing time for student interviews and assessments.

Learning Tables:

  • Require availability of aides or volunteers;
  • May be noisy and distracting; and
  • Require a large space.

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