Multilevel Class Management Models

Model 5. From Many to One

Each class begins with an activity for the whole group (e.g., review of a math or grammar rule, introduction of a vocabulary "word of the day", or discussion of current events). This activity takes about one-third of the class time.

The remaining two-thirds of the session is spent on individual or paired study based on individual goals. Some learners may work with paraprofessionals at this time.

Model 5




The "From Many to One" model:

  • Is highly individualized and offers a measure of privacy, and
  • Requires preparation on only one group activity.

The "From Many to One" model:

  • Requires a good-sized space to minimize noise and distraction,
  • Requires volunteers or aides to provide instruction, and
  • May be too solitary for learners working alone.

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